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Center Stage with Living Legend: Eddie Garcia

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Written by Sean “Pe’pe” Amerthil

     There are not many people who can brag about working with Legends, but this guy has a few of them under his belt. From the dance floor to the silver screen, and straight down to your home television set, Steppers, do we got a surprise for you!
    A well recognized figure in the world of dance. We bring to you none other than Eddie Garcia!! An amazing entertainer and one who has basically done it all in the area of entertainment.
     Born August 11th 1970, Eddie Garcia is a Cuban/American who has always loved entertaining. He began training at the age of 12 and says that he was drawn to dance because it was always something that he loved to do. By age 15, Eddie was teen champion on Star Search an experience he says was incredible and very special to him.
     Touring with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson,  Eddie says, “It was the first time that I truly understood the power of dance. I had never experienced anything on that scale before Michael.”
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     When questioned if he has any other talents besides his obvious talent of dance his response was as follows:
“Hmmm. That’s actually a tough question.  Hahahaha. I guess you could say that I am very good at video games. Hahaha.” As we see he has quite a sense of humor also.
     Mr. Garcia has worked with the likes of Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Queen Latifa , Brandy, Sheryl Crow, Salt N Pepa, Forest Whitaker, Ja Rule and many others. He was a regular on a TV show called the “Guys Next Door” and also a guest spot on Saved by the Bell. Besides those two features he has been apart of numerous commercials, music videos and live performances.
     When asked about any upcoming projects Eddie says, “I recently danced in a Chinese 3D film in China. It was such a wonderful experience.  The choreographer was Keith Young. Absolutely amazing.” Giving back to the community is special to him and does so by training the next generation of dancers teaching them about dance history as well as what is relevant now.
     Words of advice to those pursuing a career as a dancer/entertainer and those already in the industry:
“Be true to yourself.  Never feel like you have to be like anyone else. There is something amazing in each of us. The journey is discovering what that gift is within yourself.”

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Eddie Can be seen in videos such as:
Smooth Criminal
Speed Demon (animated as the rabbit)
Michael Jacksons “Bad” (Video & Tour)
The Way You Make Me Feel
Janet Jackson “Nasty”
Choreography work includes:
Jennifer Lopez “Ain’t it funny”
Jennifer Lopez “I’m Real”
Jennifer Lopez “Let’s Get Loud”
The Suite Life of Zach & Cody
Film Features:
Boogie Nights
Bringing Down the House
Percy Jackson (Lightning Thief)
Dirty Dancing Living The Dream (Judge and Choreographer)