By Stefani


The trip to Qatar represents dreams. As SXSTV is a platform to inspire, this will not strictly be a report on the happenings of World BBoy Classic. You will get more than just the facts.


By www.AntoineSchirer.fr

On May 6th Stefani went on a trip halfway around the world, from Amsterdam to Doha (Qatar).  Some might consider it a bit of a stretch for a first trip outside of Europe but rest assured, it’s not. Hakoomy, one the organizers of World BBoy Classic (who upon our meeting at IBE 2014) has since supported everyone of her projects with SXSTV and has a solid connection to Holland. Therefore it was only natural to respond in a similar way.

The attraction to the Middle East has been there since being a teenager. One that unfortunately has still been left unexplored undefined because of limiting circumstances. Which is why now it a blessing to discover it through the power of Hip Hop. Lastly- and this is the most important reason- in the current landscape of worldly affairs any project that connects people on a basic level is of enormous value. In fact, it is a responsibility of a conscious  individual.


For some people traveling is normal because of their jobs or family that live across the world but for others, it is very unique and a great milestone that is not taken for granted.


Aerial photo of Doha by OldQatar1

The capital Doha is definitely an eye catcher.  Right before the landing there is amazing view from the plane of the Persian Gulf and the city’s shoreline while there is still daylight. It’s quite unique how an entire city emerged out of a desert. While driving to the hotel nightfall set in so of course some pictures of the skyline are being snapped. You can breath easy (make no mistake, the heat was intense). It feels like a spacious environment whether that’s because of the sea or an illusion due to the immense skyscrapers.


Unfortunately there was too little time to visit the branch campuses of Education City which consists of Six American universities, one British and one French university. Very impressive facts. Leaving without visiti