Welcome to the worlds largest hip hop dance network

From humble beginnings to a global movement, Step x Step was first started by Clayton Ashcroft and Joshua Mack, wanting to create a digital opportunity for the hip hop dance community. Both founders began attending dance events across America, filming the local talent, starting dance ciphers and up lifting the dance community in any way they could. Armed with nothing but his video camera and a pair of kicks, Clayton would film content showcasing some of the most unique and inspiring dance crews, then Joshua would edit the footage and market it across social media.

Five years later and this small idea about connecting dancers has now grown into one of the largest hip hop dance networks in the world, connecting dancers from all walks of life and creating a digital opportunity for the global dance community. With just under 100,000 subscribers on Youtube, 50,000 fans on Facebook and over 10,000 active monthly members on the website, Step x Step has attracted dancers across hip hop, break dance and even contemporary. Featuring some of the latest news/exclusives, interviews, tutorials and videos from renowned talent such as Les Twins, the Jabbawockeez and Jojo Gomez.

Whether you are a global dance success traveling the world and competing or starting your first beginner class – we want to follow your journey step by step.